sometimes our stories never go the way we want,
Tayler Alyson Jenkins was born to two Hollywood up and comers as well as LA residents by the names of Anissa and John Jenkins. She was a beautiful, healthy baby born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a healthy pair of lungs. Both parents were unable to care for a baby and immediately after Tayler's birth, she became Tayler Anissa Jackson in adoption to Darlene and Trace Jackson, who moved to Starlight, Indiana shortly after the adoption. Somehow these two were a slip in the crack of adoption system. What nobody knew, Darlene and Trace were drug addictions and managed to pass through every test that was given to them. Anissa and John had no idea and Tayler went into the house of drugs and only saw solace when her grandmother, Lila, was around. Anissa and Lila kept in touch, trying to update her... but in guilt, Anissa went into hiding and started up her production company with her husband and became something for themselves, while their daughter was raised in a crack house. Tayler started helping her parents shoot up, watching it all and it didn't take too long after her 10th birthday to want to try what her parents were doing. There were occasional questions in schooling about Tay's life behind the doors of her parents' home, but nobody really helped or sought out help for her. Maybe they were paranoid, everybody just didn't want things to go worse. At 15, Tay started small. Weed was alright, but it branched into heroin and then cocaine. Shooting up, it was all taking a toll and by the time she became 18, her life sorta started shaking. It was just hard for her to even graduate high school, but she did. After graduating, her drugs got out of hands even further and Lila started worrying.

Her career started out at Vivid when she was 19, a porn star with no previous acting in her blood. She loved sex and things that she thought the life entailed. They never tested them for drugs, so Tay's spiral became immenient. They only tested their actors and actresses for sexual diseases and things took off. She knew she could get away with it. When Vivid began putting in her productions that she was uncomfortable with such as BDSM, she left. She was 22 and was done with that. Even as a cam girl for Vivid, they began stifling pay and things got crazy as they began selling her cam work for extra cash. Her leap from Vivid landed her to a sex club by the name of Elite, where she then worked for 3 years as an in house escort that worked cam work on the side of her escorting. Elite treated her well, but she had to move on. Shortly after her quitting Elite, both parents died of a heroin overdose and were found in the back shed of their Indiana home. That alone was Tayler's big breaking point. She almost died shortly after, but Lila put her in a rehab for quite a bit of time and she came out of it clean and sober. Ready for a new life.

Moving to California, Lila only approved because maybe she would realize who her real parents were. The move to California was about the time she met Thomas Clark and things started changing from there. Meeting other former addicts, it was a fun time. They all had a good time. Skylar was a girl she kept close to until then Tay's grandmother died. She had to distance herself and she almost relapsed. Becoming a shut-in for a few weeks to avoid any resistences, she finally came out and went to a friend by the name of Troy to talk to. He was a cop and he helped keep her out of trouble, but he was worried about her. Troy with the help of Skylar were influences on her, getting her through it all. When she settled back into herself, her life did change as she began messing around with Thomas.

Thomas Clark was a story of his own. Maybe it was the charm, wit, and even the looks. It took a bit, but they began seeing another and it was something for the best of Tay. Even with her lifestyle being in sex work, he didn't mind. He kept her off drugs and began spoiling her. Danielle Leahy was a problem there for awhile, but the redhead finally took the hint. They moved around and she got signed to do her own cam shows on her own website domain. It took off and she started topping in as a high ranking cam girl in the sex worker industry. Liberty Remington cam series went off and she really enjoyed it. Going off on another name, just in case anybody in her real life would find her and harm her or even fans getting crazy. Shortly after signing, the truth of her parents came out even in jest. Looking on a website, it came out and it didn't take long before she wanted to meet them. Thomas in tow, she did just that. Tayler Jackson finding her identity was the best thing to happen to her,